Public Relations is vital in forming and maintaining
restaurant brand’s image.

Our PR services consist of strategic campaign development, media relations, media monitoring, creation of press material, food media demonstrations and appearances, award and speaking engagement, and so much more. We provide marketing and PR for franchise organizations and corporations.


When faced with a crisis situation, a restaurant company’s reaction often makes a more lasting impression than the event itself.

We are experts in dealing with highly visible crisis management for worldwide brands.

Foodie Communications is known for its work in fast-breaking crisis situations. We are a leader in food and corporate crisis management.

We believe that preparation is the key to strong crisis management and work closely with our clients to develop detailed reactive plans designed to not only contain situations, but also allow for teams to mobilize quickly to begin the sales rebuilding process.

We also work with the client to create a plan, as well as off-the-shelf responses for future crises to ensure the client can react quickly to get in front of a story.

External Communications

External communications is about managing perceptions–both real and perceived–about a restaurant organization. We have worked with our clients to change or polish corporate culture, corporate identity, and corporate citizenship.

We have a proven track record in orchestrating renaming and reimaging campaigns, establishing philanthropic guidelines and ownable programs, as well as leveraging internal communications as a motivational tool to change behavior and morale.

Connecting with the local community is a key part of any strategic media plan. We help our clients develop charitable components that are primarily consumer-funded with the goal of delivering strong consumer-centric media coverage.

Foodie Communications is all about food– whether it be packaged, distrbutes or consumed. With years of experience in restaurant organizations, such as Pollo Tropical and Burger King, our team understands the ins and outs of the corporate world, and plans corporate media and marketing strategies accordingly.

Media Training and
Other Services

We create workshops at one or more of your restaurant locations to empower your key employees to speak on behalf of your brand during “friendly” opportunities like radio DJ visits or local community-based events. This keeps your costs low and extends coverage reach, while also instilling confidence in your employees to speak powerfully about your brand.

New Product and Product Line Introductions

Ready to roll out a new product? We can help you maximize visibility and create excitement about upcoming products or services to drive results.

Process: Creation and Implementation

Need to streamline your processes? We can help you predict and replicate your marketing process, which makes your company run more efficiently. We create turnkey programs for local activation that keep costs low while minimizing the drag on your corporate and field employees.

We also provide set transport for events, graphic design services, preditor services (producer/editor/photographer), videography and more.